Ness Bros. Lumber can supply almost any type of lumber including dimensional lumber and timbers. We also offer many custom services including sorted by width, rough or dressed and air dried or kiln dried. Be sure to contact us for all your lumber needs.


Hemlock - Green Rough #3&btr

  • Full Sawn and Cant Sawn
  • 8' to 20' Lengths (even)
  • Sorted for Length
  • All Year Sawing
  • Full and 1/2 Loads
  • On Lathe



  • Full Sawn 4/4 to 8/4
  • 6' to 16' All year
  • Any Grade
  • Full and 1/2 Loads
  • Air Dried & Kiln Dried 8%-10%
  • Rough or Dressed

Red Pine